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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!  Our company is family owned and operated in the USA.  We've tested, washed, and found what we think are the best t-shirts and ink that we could possibly use to last the longest time. 


Our family of four are t-shirt lovers.  So, our husband and wife team decided to promote freedom, happiness, and healthy living through our t-shirts.  We started this journey in 2012 when we noticed our son had reactions to food dye, pesticides, and different chemicals that companies put into their food products.  At first, we put him on a strict Feingold diet.  As months rolled by, we realized that there were only certain chemicals that affected our son.  Now, we live eating as healthy as we can afford to.  We always choose organic fruits and vegetables, and eat foods that have the least chemicals added to them. 


We also wanted to add features to help people live a happy and healthy life while working full time. On our free time we are always looking for places to go, things to do, simple healthy meals, and other ways to make life easier. In our blogs, you will find out more about us and our two little RED monsters, in hope that we will make your life easier.


Thank you for visiting our page, and come back real soon for new shirts, other products, and our family blog.


Hope to see you real soon!


Remember to live happy, healthy, and free.



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